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Chris' journal
 to me that in the midst of claims that a person wants to change, has changed, has removed themselves from a past lifestyle, and claim to loathe it....

continue to glorify it, and be inexplicably unable to change attitudes and opinions and language around that "former" lifestyle.

Glorifying it is really one step closer to reclaiming what you supposedly want to move away from.

Just sayin'

but then lip service observed in other people make itch just a little.

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Dear: Invisible Guest

Seriously dude, take a pic, it lasts longer. Or better yet, quit hiding and just 'holla' .  I dare you.

Really, I'm just amused that someone is more curious about my profile on LJ that they have to frequent it more than I do.

LJ is (almost) dead.

Carry on, my facebook lemmings, carry on.

Current Mood: amused amused

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